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Hello, Josh – hugged you on the 4th of July on Shattuck. Wanted to tell you I’ve framed your stunning image of two figures pondering the globe in the foreground of a galactic explosion. I’ve also mentioned you & your website in my blog about ‘soul connections’ at Sending you many blessings, and appreciation for your work, Vicky Semones

Joushua, It was really nice to meet you, looking forward to reading Notes To & From The Universe. I Really Love The Aliengels Dance, and the process in which you create is so cool, and in the flow. Lots of Peace and Love. J.A.M.

Hey Josh! Still totally enamored with the two prints I bought from you on Shattuck January 2012. Sending love and appreciation.

Met you today on Haight. Got some postcards and had a chat. Really great to meet you and hope i’ll see you again someday. Loved your art and would love to know where I could get some more. Keep on living man.

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