A Time Traveler.
Was never “born”.
Where ones always
Existed, In Eternity,
And has only “died”,
As Humans call it,
Countless times…
Since “Time” “Began”…
Traveling Through Self..
Seeing Ones Progressions,
Understanding (No) Space,
In the Cyclical Complexions
Of Projecting Shadows-Light
As “Deaths” Transgressions,
Protecting Transparency
For “Lifes” Perception,
To take its own Place,
Within Gods Expression,
Without Peoples Creation,
Mass, whole, proliferation,
Of “free will” for destruction,
When there never even was
More, or less, than just One…
Right Between the pages of our
ONE BOOK, and Beyond Mirrors
Of Our Two Faces.. REFLECTION.



I Wonder,
What would a world BE,
Without likes, and dislikes.
I Wonder,
What would this world look
Like, Without Any Questions.
I Wonder,
Who could be left Within this soul
Self, Without Anyone Here to say Yes..
I Wonder,
Who could be thinking they’re Right
Without No One There to be Selfless.
I Wonder,
Where I should go among Dreams
Which leave me Without An Answer.
I Wonder,
Where I should wander towards.. To See
The Love, I Am Without, in which I am after.
I Wonder…
And, wander on, and on..
To right before this time ever began..
From The Point I’d Never Left Without Myself.


Ceaseless Currents

Ceaseless currents of Her Electricity, shocking

The endless breath, in my breathless lung,

Resuscitated once again, to gasp and moan

Within her bones, just for a moment to begin

Seeking what she hid under her left eyelid,

For one final entry towards The Door-Way

To a single nights dream into Eternity,

Where the light flows through infinitely, and

All the beloved little shadows of our night,

In The Souls darkness of Self, have fled…

Back to whence the Spirits Starlight led.


Hidden Myths

Hidden Myths:
In The Beauty of Your Face,
Exquisite, and Inexhaustible,
As It Is... It's Just One Single Gift. 

The Spirit Is Always Loved, Freely, Adrift,
As, I Am In The Loving Of Our Soul Uplifted...
And, As I Love YOU, Within.. My Self-Awareness,
Where I don't miss You (..or at least try not to).

I do miss the way I "Think" I once felt with You,
For Just A Moment... Which Is Now Past In History...
To See Who I Am, Presently, Past The Illusory, fantasy.  
Anyways, I'll miss that aspect of Myself... some days.

I keep working on Not Taking It Too Personally,
As I Am Still Exercising, By Breathing Every Day... 
For Resting My I, while Awakening The Inner Self, 
Protecting what is Carrying US straight back into Me...

Lest “The World” Keeps Resisting, the least Of All 
The Memories, Transcending Time, on a Reel to REAL...
Projecting US Out From The Abysmal, Through The Universal -
Wheel, Within Our One Minds Manifestation, To Think And Feel...

When Something Else Seems Completely Missing, In Ourselves, 
Truly, Seeing Selflessly, Beyond Suffering, As GOD Begets...
Its True Self, Graciously, Always At Home In Everything,
With Nothing, For One-Two Live Without Any Regrets... 

Holding No Sensing Of Fear, Or Judgement, In Any Thing, 
Only A Lovingness, We Will Sometimes (not) Holy Understand...
As We're Still Learning Patience, and Kindness, Is Within
Our Hands, To See, THERE'S NO ONE Like YOU, In Remembrance...

Throughout All Our Spirits Hidden Life-Times, and Myths
Of A Soul With-Out-Side, Of Our Entire Families Piths...
Falling In Love With The Movie “Earth”, Consistently,
While The Worth's Coming Up quickly, bright, and Strong....

Revolving US Ecstatically in, Revolutions of, Transitory Rebirth,
Involving Great Restraint, In The Secret Art, of Traveling Along...
Where The TAO IS Left, Right Here, For ALL, As Nature IS HEAVEN,
Hoping Our Heart, Forever, tends to Remember when To BE Illuminating...

How WE Are Seeking The Highest Dreams, In-Sight, Once Again,
For US To Share The Light, Take Good Care, And Be Freely Friends...
As I Am, Gratefully, Continuing (working on) Doing All I Can,  
Day and Night, Infinitely, In Peace Of Blessings, Eternally True...

To ME. - OX2U


The Birds Too Clever

Living in a moment through the danger, to me, is no stranger,

And A Savior shouldn’t take another moment too long, for One

Who swims freely in their Beloveds Mystery, as endlessly as the Sea,

Stretching vastly into its purest reflections, of Future-Past-Life lessons,

Navigating these murky waters, for Truest Direction, not right, or wrong.

Taking precautions, while Awareness settles in, weakening inhibitions, and

Yet, Still, centered strong In Believing the power of Healing can Come on

Through, in a poem, art, or song… dancing in tune, or out of time, all along…

Lifting us, up, through, to Inner Truth… We couldn’t possibly find without

What’s not down there already, underneath worldly cares, other than Love

Alone in privacy, or in other such uncomfortably, confusing, public affairs.

Where most others want to possess such flair, although, we will often fall

Short of Our Truest Self when we lose what (was) Is Real, and Rare…

For Seeing Everything as Jewels will show us how poor we can get… Real quick, 

As (Un)Easiness In Emptiness, Is Infinite Spirit, weighing us down like a brick.

Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance, can get us through every time though,

While waiting, wading, in a thickest psycho-illogical grime, of painful life-times.

Where black and white lines are being drawn out in mines, casting no shadow,

Only a doubt in minds without color, or clout, for an unjust fight, So-low.

So, why ask Me …“Who Am I”… when clearly, you don’t seem to think I know?

It just seems like some kind of repetitious, archetypal, bad, Old Game-show.

I’ll probably get off of it, when I’m back on it, and into it again, finding My own

Unconditional Love Is the Beauty in your Art, you don’t happen to know, yet.

Love’s always worth more than Ten Thousand words, so I won’t even try to say it.

It would be in the least, all too ridiculous, and at the most, oh so awkwardly absurd.

It’s just the only way at the moment, It seems to me, I remember how to fly, is in

The Process of my Self discovery in Creation, Whole, not in half, or a third,

As Heaven is scribbling, inscribing some scruples, into my Earthly dreams, for

I sometimes look at Myself in Mirrors, and all I See, is a million featherless bird.


Sleep Now

I'm lying in bed clenching

(their heart in) my teeth,
And catching my breath,
Feeling like a tidal wave
Just took me Underneath,
What appeared to be between,
Above, and beyond, life, and death.
I couldn’t believe (in) what had just
Awoken (within) Me… or, Who Is Left, as
I had a dream in which God was teaching
Me, In ten thousand ways, all throughout,
What I remember as, something called a Day.
I don’t know exactly what ‘Ways’ they were, or
Who I Was, to not have Known them… I’m just
Beginning to Listen, Again, to Reason-Ability, and
Understanding, For, and of, My best remembering.
This mind that I am speaking of, and from,
Didn’t see any memories of timelessness,
From the space remaining between us.
I’m dreaming, I dreamt, I was actually
Living.. Under The Sun, The Whole –
Time I Was One… In the dream, and
I’m lost, blind, and not listening… to You;
While God is saying “I gave you a book…
I gave you a Good Book. It is all you ever
Wanted, and could Think you would need.”
Although, What I am thinking of, and what Is Real,
As What I Think I’m supposed to do with A Good Read, is
Unquestionably, The Great Duality of Existence We Heed.
A seemingly endless shadow, surrounding my littlest self.
God, The Book, and I… Are often wondering, Who “We” Is –
When There Isn’t Any Light inside… Where One Can Go,
On Now, and See.. How I Will let go of The Question left,
Allowing the questioning to pass right by… Free To SEE…
All That I Know, As I’m going to my bed, again, Tonight,
Is to get some Real good Sleep, for my body and head;
For A Sweet Dream Kisses Up Ahead, As I Am Dreaming,
Awaking An Abundantly Slumbering Them, YOU, and ME,
With An Infinitely Loving Self, Serving US To Be
In An E(x)ternal Union Of A Blissful Existence,
Blessed In PEACE, Love, and Happenstance Memory,
Embracing The Great TAO, Now, With, OR Without,
(Just) Any-Body Else, or Any Doubt, Too,
I Am Every One From The Infinite Source,
When Alone, In My Room, Ex/Including You.
Sooo… Too-Too-Loo.




Stay Free (I)N Happy… OK!?
Please, keep Hearing Me On Out,
As YOU Are The Sole Responsibility,
For YOUR Soul to be Loving, or Not,
While tending to only pleasing the lonely,
Ones, Eye Piece Of YOUR (Insighting) “ME”,
Or Any of the (other) many stories “Forgot” of
Some-(One)-Bodies, we may be experiencing “To See”,
Is Obviously, Not The Great Totality Of Our Reality,
For Those Drowning, lost, and forgotten at seas,
Are Still Learning, that they were never taught
How To Swim, Or How To float, or Rise Up
Above, To stay alive, and not be caught
By the crashing waves, and cold riptides,
Before getting back In The Boat, and
Finding the directions worth following,
Towards An Ocean’s Love To Swallow
Us Wholey, Back With-into Its Abyss
Revealing Our True Nature Is Bliss,
As We’ll Holy See, While Listening
In-To The Bodhi Tree, Alone, and in
The Tone of Its Eternal Dharma, For
It’s The Home of The Mother of Peace,
And,The House of The Father of Love,
Connecting One Family, In Oneness,
From Whence They’re Once Separated,
Above, Feeling there is Nothing Below –
Thinking, Be-cause-in No Bodys-Mind
Will No One Care If You Come, or Go…
In Two, From One, Seeking Salvation In
Ones boredom, by Hiding The Kingdom,
Before, and beyond, ones grand ol’ Dog-Ma’s sum
Of Changing Sense(lessness), In Her-His-Self,
For One in (of) a billion, Isn’t spitting out poison,
Smoking The Medicine, and/or sipping on rum,
Stoking up old flames in a volcano of new doubt,
Less-Life(times), Rollin away in The Sh(ad)ows
Of Our Mayas Majestic Eruptions, and Overflows,
As If, Though, We Still Somehow, Truly, Don’t Know,
Who We (You, and I) Really Are, Really All About,
Learning, Throughout Reality, Really, Real Slow…
To Haste A Message Within Wide, and far…
How Infinite Potential Is Always Working
Underneath All Of Life’s Ex-Changes
IF – IN Compassion, and Forgiveness,
We Allow For Re-Creations In Stages…
From The Sur-F-ace Within Our Soul-
Less depths… Where I, To We, For Us,
Alone, As Me, As One Can Be, Into Two
From You, It All Shall Be, As You Wish on
A Star, Is Where I Shall Rest Upon, and BE
The Mission, I Am… and, As We All Are…
Unfolding The Treasures, For Us Too,
To Be In Complete Synchronicity,
In Understanding Our Complicity,
Of How What Is In The Right – Now…
Is, and will always be, Eternally Free.




A new year resolution, many, many, years ago,

Right before I left everything I knew back east.

Heading West, not knowing if I was alive or dead.

I Still Believed In Love, though, It felt lost in Me.

“True Love Is Not A Test”… I reassure myself.

So, I Set Out to Begin Again, A Truly Living Quest.

Simply Being… Me, it seemed, I’d finally get a rest.

For the Self, it’s not so simple in today’s society.

Speaking For Myself, I Change, Quite Consistently.

Every moment, Of every day, there is A New Key.

Working on Perceiving Myself, Wholly Better…  

As One, A Part Of The Whole, Not Holy, or Best.  

I work on Seeing Me, in Our Self, as Unseparated.   

From The World (perception of Ourselves), in All.

Complexity Is Constant, throughout each day.


Though, anger, and Ego is Difficult to resist…

When “Fuck It… Who Cares… Who Knows”…

doesn’t make any sense to Me, feeling it any

Less… than the suffering, and misery… Even

While seeing oneself at Worst, Running Away,

Believing Ones not worth The Rest… I Realize,

Now, the rest Is Worth It, and Needed…  in Me,

For Our Entire, Universal, Human Family – Tree…

Seems As If… In The Very Least… Can Truly Be

Receiving Some Help Building OUR Nest… For

The Realization, Peace IS… To Be, Our One, and

Only, True Divine Inheritance.



All that isn’t Left Here, is Right Now, and all that I See,

Inside this box, and outside of me, streaming illusions, so

I’m told, of a monkey mind, hiding, safe inside my Soul...

Sometimes silent, chattering, or Screaming, either way,

If One Monkey inside this box tries to get out, and find

That Good Gold - Great Spirit Hides -Within Love,

Not so far beyond our body-minds ego-side, and pride,

And inside the next box, like the first, it's Really Empty,

For as far as this One Monkey couldn’t See, no doubt,

Nothing–Around, nor even any other monkeys company,

In (not) Being over-shadowed by any Real God, or Sin,

Throughout the space-time of a Present History it’s within.

Then why, and how, that One Monkey has a mind to Think, Who Am I Now!?”, wanting to take Time, to find “The Key”.

To A Big Bunch of Bananas, and so thirsty to take a drink

Of Any Answer to all those questioning Their True Reality

Always Continuing, by remaining, Being One, and Same,

Not to say in the least, it's Simply so Simple, or to be,

Issuing superficiality, being belittling to One Monkey

Alone in Imperfection, perfecting its own reflection,

In Perfectly Good Eyes For Exalting Beauty...

Just as long as in the short end... ALL Beings 

Are Living Well Within A Natural Selection,

Loving The Endless, Enigmatic… Mystery.