Artist Statement – Publishing Information

The Book Began… seemingly arbitrarily, yet it synchronicaly continues revealing itself in Intentional Continuity, Exploring Community.

It’s a foreshadowing of The Light (within), ahead, in which it’s Creation comes from.

This Light, most notably emerged while experimenting on an animation project in the Spring of 1993.

While working on a short experimental film, with a Super 8 camera, and some colored modeling clay used for Claymation, a whole new process of creating Fine Art was found.

In retrospect, the primary focus of the next thirteen years was bound to the discovery, development, and exploration of This Art.

Working the colored clay onto the canvas, rather than paints, a new multi-dimensional  pathway formed, leading into the Infinite.

Thirteen years later, the book titled… “NOTES TO AND FROM THE UNIVERSE”, a Retro-Perspective Collection of 360 works of Art and Writing (from 1993-2006), was completed.

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, and writings from throughout those years, were formed, compiled, formatted, and designed into four different versions, on a home computer between 2001-2005.  In 2006 the Fifth, and final, edition was made.

It resulted in a PDF file saved on a memory card, which could fit in a pocket… almost hauntingly, and miraculously, at once.

Through thorough inquiry into the Deeper Questioning, Awareness of Infinite Beauty, And Complexity, Within The Universe, will approach a degree in which every paradigm of Dualistic Thought, patterned in Ones and Zeroes, is shattered… into, Virtually, Nothing.

Following any heights of Arts’ expansion, comes the collapse of (just) One.. Art, into The Path towards Self (Infinite) Realization.

After years of working various unsatisfying jobs, paying too high rent, changing family dynamics, and protecting Personal Dreams, one can find oneself lost, and slipping away.

Seeking a new focus of direction, and Soul Meditation, is The Books reflection journeying, from the east, for the west… Towards Peace.

Traveling can teach one how to be alive, Truly Living again, connecting oneself to Family, Community, and a Spiritual Inspiration, one never realized existed…

Until we meet our Self, along The Way..

Anyone can make a living as a Street Artist, outside “Mainstream” systems.

Another Thirteen Years go by, traveling, sharing thousands of small prints, and hundreds of new Original Works of Art, Moving the Artist towards a new series of books, titled..

“EXPERIMENT/EXPERIENCE (Titleless Re-Creation in 101 Art-Works) “… Intended to inspire the next phases of Co-Creativity In-Motion.

“NOTES TO AND FROM THE UNIVERSE” was Self edited, and published three times, by the artist-author, with a total of 37 full copies printed since its finish in 2006.

None of the Artwork, except the cover, has changed. Only some of the writing has been slightly revised each time.

Nature still speaks greatest through Silence, Acting most Honestly, through non-action…

So, we can keep an Open Mind, and Heart, All Along The Way, to Recieve this Bliss of


Thank you for sharing your time, and space! Please feel free to respond with any interest, questions, or conscientious critiques.

Infinite Blessings and Peace,

– Anan



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