Artist Statement – Publishing Information

The First Book Began seemingly arbitrarily, yet synchronisticly continues revealing itself through a continuity of Humans exploring, experiencing, and expanding common-sense of Truth, Peace, and Unconditional Love.

It’s a foreshadowing of The Light work within the origins of  every existence that manifests it’s own duality of Creation and Reception.

It’s an enlightening of a darkness of mind left without its original non-existence to be right.

It’s an awakening to the changes in awareness of a Humans Soul, which is holy within, and wholly beyond, the mundane everyday perception of everyone, and everything,

While experimenting with an animation project in spring of 1993, with a Super 8 camera, and some colored modeling clay used for claymation.

A background art piece was made for the set with some colored clay spread on some cardboard. It was quickly seen by the unexperienced artist how he had not ever seen anything like it.

A few weeks later a new Peace was found, having finished a new piece of artwork, made completely out of the colored modeling clay.

Once again, the artist had not seen anything like the Vision which unfolded before him. In the process of creating this first work of fine art, a five page essay was written to his professors, and parents, of the recent Self-discovery for his ability to be Self-taught, and how he would be leaving school, unfinished.

This new process of creating art was fhe primary focus of the next thirteen years, and was bound to the discovery, development, and exploration of it…

Original clay artworks, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and writings, from those years, were formed, compiled, formatted, and designed on a computer into four different versions of an envisioned ‘Art Book’, between the years of 2001-2005…

Until, in 2006, the Fifth, and final, edition was “Notes To And Frim The Universe”, a 13 year Retro-Perspective Collection of 360 works of Art and Writing  (1993-2006), was Completed.

It resulted in a PDF file saved on a memory card, which could fit in a pocket… almost hauntingly, and miraculously, at once.

After years of working various unsatisfying jobs, paying too high rent, changing family dynamics, and protecting Personal Dreams, one can find oneself lost, and slipping away.

Seeking a new focus of direction in Soul Meditation, is the books deep inherent reflections of the artist portraying his journeying from the east for the west… Towards One Inner (and Outer) Peace.

Another Thirteen Years have passed us by in this story of The Dream, while he has been making a living traveling, sharing thousands of small prints, and hundreds of new Original Works of Art… Moving the Artist towards the next book titled…

“EXPERIMENT/EXPERIENCE (A Timeless Re-Creation Within 360 Art-Works) “… which is ntended to inspire the next phases of his Arts Co-Creativity in a Local-Cosmic-Community.

Traveling Is Learning, and can teach how to be Truly Living again, connecting oneself to one’s own Selflessness with ones Soul Family.

“NOTES TO AND FROM THE UNIVERSE” was Self edited, and published three times, by the artist-author, in small trial runs with a total of 37 full copies printed since its finish in 2006.

None of the Artwork, except the cover, has changed. Only some of the writing has been slightly revised each time.

Nature still speaks greatest through Silence, Acting most Honestly, through non-action…

So, please keep an Open Mind, and Heart, All Along The Way, to Recieve a Bliss of Creativity for Re-Creation, Everyday.

Thank you for sharing your time, and space! Please feel free to respond with any interests, questions, or conscientious critiques.

Infinite Blessings and Peace,

– Anan



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