Sleep Now

I'm lying in bed clenching

(their heart in) my teeth,
And catching my breath,
Feeling like a tidal wave
Just took me Underneath,
What appeared to be between,
Above, and beyond, life, and death.
I couldn’t believe (in) what had just
Awoken (within) Me… or, Who Is Left, as
I had a dream in which God was teaching
Me, In ten thousand ways, all throughout,
What I remember as, something called a Day.
I don’t know exactly what ‘Ways’ they were, or
Who I Was, to not have Known them… I’m just
Beginning to Listen, Again, to Reason-Ability, and
Understanding, For, and of, My best remembering.
This mind that I am speaking of, and from,
Didn’t see any memories of timelessness,
From the space remaining between us.
I’m dreaming, I dreamt, I was actually
Living.. Under The Sun, The Whole –
Time I Was One… In the dream, and
I’m lost, blind, and not listening… to You;
While God is saying “I gave you a book…
I gave you a Good Book. It is all you ever
Wanted, and could Think you would need.”
Although, What I am thinking of, and what Is Real,
As What I Think I’m supposed to do with A Good Read, is
Unquestionably, The Great Duality of Existence We Heed.
A seemingly endless shadow, surrounding my littlest self.
God, The Book, and I… Are often wondering, Who “We” Is –
When There Isn’t Any Light inside… Where One Can Go,
On Now, and See.. How I Will let go of The Question left,
Allowing the questioning to pass right by… Free To SEE…
All That I Know, As I’m going to my bed, again, Tonight,
Is to get some Real good Sleep, for my body and head;
For A Sweet Dream Kisses Up Ahead, As I Am Dreaming,
Awaking An Abundantly Slumbering Them, YOU, and ME,
With An Infinitely Loving Self, Serving US To Be
In An E(x)ternal Union Of A Blissful Existence,
Blessed In PEACE, Love, and Happenstance Memory,
Embracing The Great TAO, Now, With, OR Without,
(Just) Any-Body Else, or Any Doubt, Too,
I Am Every One From The Infinite Source,
When Alone, In My Room, Ex/Including You.
Sooo… Too-Too-Loo.


By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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