Hidden Myths

Hidden Myths:
In The Beauty of Your Face,
Exquisite, and Inexhaustible,
As It Is... It's Just One Single Gift. 

The Spirit Is Always Loved, Freely, Adrift,
As, I Am In The Loving Of Our Soul Uplifted...
And, As I Love YOU, Within.. My Self-Awareness,
Where I don't miss You (..or at least try not to).

I do miss the way I "Think" I once felt with You,
For Just A Moment... Which Is Now Past In History...
To See Who I Am, Presently, Past The Illusory, fantasy.  
Anyways, I'll miss that aspect of Myself... some days.

I keep working on Not Taking It Too Personally,
As I Am Still Exercising, By Breathing Every Day... 
For Resting My I, while Awakening The Inner Self, 
Protecting what is Carrying US straight back into Me...

Lest “The World” Keeps Resisting, the least Of All 
The Memories, Transcending Time, on a Reel to REAL...
Projecting US Out From The Abysmal, Through The Universal -
Wheel, Within Our One Minds Manifestation, To Think And Feel...

When Something Else Seems Completely Missing, In Ourselves, 
Truly, Seeing Selflessly, Beyond Suffering, As GOD Begets...
Its True Self, Graciously, Always At Home In Everything,
With Nothing, For One-Two Live Without Any Regrets... 

Holding No Sensing Of Fear, Or Judgement, In Any Thing, 
Only A Lovingness, We Will Sometimes (not) Holy Understand...
As We're Still Learning Patience, and Kindness, Is Within
Our Hands, To See, THERE'S NO ONE Like YOU, In Remembrance...

Throughout All Our Spirits Hidden Life-Times, and Myths
Of A Soul With-Out-Side, Of Our Entire Families Piths...
Falling In Love With The Movie “Earth”, Consistently,
While The Worth's Coming Up quickly, bright, and Strong....

Revolving US Ecstatically in, Revolutions of, Transitory Rebirth,
Involving Great Restraint, In The Secret Art, of Traveling Along...
Where The TAO IS Left, Right Here, For ALL, As Nature IS HEAVEN,
Hoping Our Heart, Forever, tends to Remember when To BE Illuminating...

How WE Are Seeking The Highest Dreams, In-Sight, Once Again,
For US To Share The Light, Take Good Care, And Be Freely Friends...
As I Am, Gratefully, Continuing (working on) Doing All I Can,  
Day and Night, Infinitely, In Peace Of Blessings, Eternally True...

To ME. - OX2U

By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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