Stay Free (I)N Happy… OK!?
Please, keep Hearing Me On Out,
As YOU Are The Sole Responsibility,
For YOUR Soul to be Loving, or Not,
While tending to only pleasing the lonely,
Ones, Eye Piece Of YOUR (Insighting) “ME”,
Or Any of the (other) many stories “Forgot” of
Some-(One)-Bodies, we may be experiencing “To See”,
Is Obviously, Not The Great Totality Of Our Reality,
For Those Drowning, lost, and forgotten at seas,
Are Still Learning, that they were never taught
How To Swim, Or How To float, or Rise Up
Above, To stay alive, and not be caught
By the crashing waves, and cold riptides,
Before getting back In The Boat, and
Finding the directions worth following,
Towards An Ocean’s Love To Swallow
Us Wholey, Back With-into Its Abyss
Revealing Our True Nature Is Bliss,
As We’ll Holy See, While Listening
In-To The Bodhi Tree, Alone, and in
The Tone of Its Eternal Dharma, For
It’s The Home of The Mother of Peace,
And,The House of The Father of Love,
Connecting One Family, In Oneness,
From Whence They’re Once Separated,
Above, Feeling there is Nothing Below –
Thinking, Be-cause-in No Bodys-Mind
Will No One Care If You Come, or Go…
In Two, From One, Seeking Salvation In
Ones boredom, by Hiding The Kingdom,
Before, and beyond, ones grand ol’ Dog-Ma’s sum
Of Changing Sense(lessness), In Her-His-Self,
For One in (of) a billion, Isn’t spitting out poison,
Smoking The Medicine, and/or sipping on rum,
Stoking up old flames in a volcano of new doubt,
Less-Life(times), Rollin away in The Sh(ad)ows
Of Our Mayas Majestic Eruptions, and Overflows,
As If, Though, We Still Somehow, Truly, Don’t Know,
Who We (You, and I) Really Are, Really All About,
Learning, Throughout Reality, Really, Real Slow…
To Haste A Message Within Wide, and far…
How Infinite Potential Is Always Working
Underneath All Of Life’s Ex-Changes
IF – IN Compassion, and Forgiveness,
We Allow For Re-Creations In Stages…
From The Sur-F-ace Within Our Soul-
Less depths… Where I, To We, For Us,
Alone, As Me, As One Can Be, Into Two
From You, It All Shall Be, As You Wish on
A Star, Is Where I Shall Rest Upon, and BE
The Mission, I Am… and, As We All Are…
Unfolding The Treasures, For Us Too,
To Be In Complete Synchronicity,
In Understanding Our Complicity,
Of How What Is In The Right – Now…
Is, and will always be, Eternally Free.

By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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