All that isn’t Left Here, is Right Now, and all that I See,

Inside this box, and outside of me, streaming illusions, so

I’m told, of a monkey mind, hiding, safe inside my Soul...

Sometimes silent, chattering, or Screaming, either way,

If One Monkey inside this box tries to get out, and find

That Good Gold - Great Spirit Hides -Within Love,

Not so far beyond our body-minds ego-side, and pride,

And inside the next box, like the first, it's Really Empty,

For as far as this One Monkey couldn’t See, no doubt,

Nothing–Around, nor even any other monkeys company,

In (not) Being over-shadowed by any Real God, or Sin,

Throughout the space-time of a Present History it’s within.

Then why, and how, that One Monkey has a mind to Think, Who Am I Now!?”, wanting to take Time, to find “The Key”.

To A Big Bunch of Bananas, and so thirsty to take a drink

Of Any Answer to all those questioning Their True Reality

Always Continuing, by remaining, Being One, and Same,

Not to say in the least, it's Simply so Simple, or to be,

Issuing superficiality, being belittling to One Monkey

Alone in Imperfection, perfecting its own reflection,

In Perfectly Good Eyes For Exalting Beauty...

Just as long as in the short end... ALL Beings 

Are Living Well Within A Natural Selection,

Loving The Endless, Enigmatic… Mystery.

By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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