The Slip – Ups

Creating Is Re-creation, And

Praying through the Loving,

Imagining our contemplating,

Meditating, and Remembering,

The inventing, and re-inventing…

As WE Change The Whole Universe

In which our perceiving Eye realizes,

That we’re simply only circumventing

Through illusions of life-times disguises,

While opening hearts in mind, and patience

Our Telegraph Consciousness Hastes And Rises,

Towards new colors brightening the enlightened,

Oneness Together, that’s “known and heightened”,

When The Darkness settles slowly on down below,

Consistently in Creative Compassion, WE ALL GO…

Within the most beautiful love we choose to share,

Reflecting Self. While Reminding Ourselves Of Matters,

Eternally Benevolent Beyond A Worlds Illusions So Fair.

By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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