Spiraling (Towards) Justice

What Is This “Energy”

Spiraling up before Me?

Shoots of Dead-end thoughts –

Written in green bamboo stalks.

Glyphs that seem to have no end,

Fighting blindfolded in its thickets,

Running from losses. as I’ll Pretend

I’m Hiding from such senseless kills…

Forced into a corner with a box-er

Stance – standing in our blood spills.

Dodging, and weaving, bullets to the head.

Bobbing, darting, ducking, and sparring

The Others, praying for their predators,

Sparing nothing for ones Survival, and

Seething Like A Wild Lion Unfed…

Where, yet again, I will play the prey

In ones loneliness toppled on down

Through-out the moon-less-night,

For a warm spot in a Lionesses day.

Walking out of what (never) was…

A senseless, war torn, past, worn…

As a martyrs’ badge from a forlorn

Decreed with a for-sight to bleed out

All of Who Does, from what doesn’t last..

Projecting myself forward with forces

Still.. Unbeknownst to me, and my horses,

Trotting off the battle fields in a dying light

Trying To Divide, our Inherent, Inner, might.

Of walking straight away… practically, unscathed,

With only, just a few minor scrapes from the fight,

And a couple of scars, fire-bathed in muted hind-sight

Of the horrors and devastation by blasts of radiation,

From misguided missiles, in a sub-Atomic explosion,

For immature protection in acts of Self(ish) propulsion,

Blinding One to the miracles stringing US All-Together,

And surviving “The World” turning itself up-side-down,

In what is Up-On One Righting the wrong, Forever NOW…

These Eyes Will See More, not Less, than One Love complete,

Living with every hand of Justice, landing at my very own feet.

By ananadam

Anan Adam... Traveler, Seeker, Artist

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